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VersaEmerge Covers Katy Perry & Kanye West

Posted on: May 9, 2011

Now being a music fanatic I like to think that I’m in the know about all the latest music, but hey there is so much music out there, that even a band that has been around for six years can slip past my radar. That is the case with the band VersaEmerge. I discovered VersaEmerge last week on one of my many daily visits to Perez Hilton. He put a video of them covering the song “ET” by Katy Perry and Kanye West. Check out the cover right below:

Never having heard of VersaEmerge before this video, I thought oh well here is another group doing covers. Is this how new artists gain recognition? By covering popular artists? (See Karmin’s Killin’ Covers). After doing more research on them, they are in fact not a new band. They have actually been around since 2005.

VersaEmerge is a two-piece experimental rock band from Port St. Lucie, Florida. They are currently signed to the label Fueled By Ramen, like fellow labelmates Paramore, The Academy Is…, Panic! at the Disco, and Travie McCoy. They have three EPs out and their debut album Fixed at Zero was released in June of 2010. The band consists of Sierra Kusterbeck on lead vocals, and Blake Harnage on lead guitar, vocals, and programming. You might be familiar with the band from their appearance on MTV’s World of Jenks.

Now VersaEmerge definitely is reminiscent of Paramore on the surface, and many people compare lead singer Sierra with Hayley Williams. However, I think their music is a little more intricate than Paramore. Their album Fixed at Zero is magnificently produced! The first song “Figure It Out” opens with a eerie haunting vocals on “ah”, which repeats after every chorus, which in my opinion brings this whole song together. “Mind Reader” comes next and I love everything about this song from the lyrics to Sierra’s amazing vocals. The title track “Fixed At Zero” follows with powerful strings and a soaring chorus. It is definitely the most mainstream sounding song on the album. “You’ll Never Know” marks the first of the songs on the slower side of things. On their deluxe version of the album they do this acoustic- amazing! Just as I think one song is my favorite, the next track plays and I’m mistaken. This is apparent in the next song “Stranger”. They switch things up a little with the next song, “Fire (Aim Your Arrows High)” having Blake take over the vocals. Guys, leave the singing up to Sierra. The best part about this song was the chorus when Sierra sings. Blake’s vocals are flat, awkward, and boring. “Redesign Me” is another one of my favorites. I love the contrast between the fast paced verses and the slower strings melodies in between verses. “Up There” starts off so haunting and intense. It reminds me of something Amy Lee of Evanescence would sing. As the song progresses it becomes more fast-paced adding more percussion to the song. The album continues with “Your Own Love” and “Mythology” before ending with “Lost Tree”. This is a perfect ending to a great album. The first half of the song is so subdued, consisting of Sierra’s vocals and guitar. Halfway through the song Sierra lets out a scream that no one is expecting and the rest of the song is all over the place, but in the most organized way possible. Lyrics from previous songs are also intertwined into the end of this song.

Its been a long time since I heard something completely unknown to me that I love so much. Its not just another album. You can tell there was so much thought put behind everything. I highly reccommend you check out VersaEmerge. Check out some of their songs below.


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