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Notable Hair Cuts In Popular Music

Posted on: May 2, 2011

When the work day is slow and you’re doing everything possible to avoid doing any school work StumbleUpon will keep you occupied for hours!

This is something I came across that I had to share with all my readers (if any of you are out there). Such a big part of popular music of the past, present (and I’m sure the future) deals with image. Whether it’s something that we choose to incorporate into our own style or something where we say “What were they thinking???”, most of the biggest musicians have that one (or more) distinct feature incorporated in their style that makes them who they are and that makes us notice them. From Jimi Hendrix afro, to Lady Gaga’s hair bow, to Lil’ Wayne’s crazy dread’s…we are always watching to see what’s next in the world of fashion statements in popular music.

Not sure what I mean?? Just click on the picture below. It explains it all!


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