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Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)

Posted on: April 20, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius’ Late Nights & Early Mornings is the first solo album that she released. Some of you might know her from the musical duo Floetry, a R&B/Hip-Hop act that broke up in 2000.
I discovered Marsha last month when Late Nights & Early Mornings was first released. On my drive upstate this past weekend I was listening to my iPod on shuffle (which consists of at least 3,000 songs) when “Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)” by Marsha Ambrosius came on. This song is by far the best track on her new album.
What makes it so great? This song is hilarious! Most comedic songs are obviously funny, but not so much musically. This is where “Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player) differs. It has clever, funny lyrics (don’t tell me the title of the song didn’t grab your attention!), but it is combined with true soulful R&B that is reminiscent of Alicia Keys.
The song begins with a lullaby-type melody, which I would assume is used to portray how most relationships are at the beginning- sweet, innocent, and without many problems. That sweetness doesn’t last long, as the song progresses right into resentment and vengeance with lyrics like this:

“I hope she cheat on you wit’ a basketball playa. Hope that she Kim Kardashian’ed her way up. Don’t know the difference ‘tween a touchdown and a lay-up. Got you on Viagra in order for you to stay up.”

During this part comes the bitterness, which musically is shown with the beating drums. During the hook the drum beat drops out as she reminisces about how great their relationship used to be.
Ambrosius describes this song as “the reality of a bad breakup”. She continues to say, “We wanna be decent human beings and say the right thing, you know, ‘I wish you well’. But this is ‘Everything that could go wrong for him, I want it to because my ego is bruised and I’m acting out'”. Hey we can all relate, right?
With all the bitterness this song brings you would assume that she was singing about her past experiences, but nope! She actually wrote this song on behalf of a friend who experienced a bad breakup. She said, “I couldn’t let it go.”

Checkout “Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basket Ball Player)” below and make sure you checkout Marsha’s debut solo album Late Nights & Early Mornings


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