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Is It Really A Shocker Pia Got The Boot?

Posted on: April 8, 2011

Okay, so maybe Pia being kicked off last night’s American Idol was a pretty big surprise, but if you think about it there’s plenty of reasoning behind these results.

This season there is so much talent- by far the most talented group of people to take the Idol stage yet. None of them had a bad performance Tuesday night!  Pia’s voice is absolutely AMAZING! The judges have compared her voice to so many of the great singers, including Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. So why was Pia the one leaving us last night?

I have a few ideas. First, although she probably had the best voice out of anyone this season her performances always lacked. She sang, but she didn’t perform. I always thought “wow, this girl can sing, but she’s putting me to sleep.” She finally broke away from her ballads this week and went with the up-tempo “River Deep, Mountain High”. Maybe it was one week too late.

Second, although Pia has outstanding talent it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. We have the great singers AND performers, Celine, Mariah, and Whitney. Yes, they are the great performers of the ’90s and earlier, but if you look at music today we really don’t have an artist with a powerful voice like that to compare to them. Maybe at this point in time there’s no place for that type of artist in the music business.

Lastly, lets take a look at the other contestants in comparison to Pia. As I’ve already said we’ve seen the type of artistry Pia brings before. The other contestants bring something different to the table.

Casey Abrams has true musicianship. When did we see someone get on the Idol stage accompanying himself with a bass??? Enough said.

Haley Reinhart has that soulful bluesy sound to her voice. She started the season a little rocky, but when she got to Elton John week she sure turned it around! Her distinct voice plus the passion you see in her performance showcases her originality.

James Durbin is a true artist. As Jennifer Lopez has said many times on the show, you don’t feel like you’re watching a singing competition when you watch James perform. You feel like you’re watching him in concert. He knows how to grasp the audience’s attention, when to take risks, and how to pull them off.

Paul McDonald has such a unique voice. If you just listened to Paul’s performance with your eyes closed you’d know it was Paul! Having such a passion for music, I love hearing a voice that’s so unique. I wasn’t sure the general public would feel the same way, but maybe they do! It’s refreshing to hear something different. And it probably doesn’t hurt that he’s just so cute!

Jacob Lusk may not be one of my favorites, but his passion in his performances draws you in. That combined with his huge voice is enough to win over the audience.

Lauren Alaina has been one of the fan favorites since the very first round of auditions. Her interaction with Steven Tyler, her bubbly personality, and her effortless singing is what’s keeping her in this competition.

Stefano Langone is who I predicted would be going home last night. He has a good voice, he puts passion into his performances, but every week it feels like the same thing, different song. This week was his best performance yet, so that could have been to his advantage. I also think the fact that the Idol audience largely consists of young girls and he’s not so bad on the eyes didn’t hurt either.

Scotty McCreery was by far the best Tuesday night. If he went home THAT would be an Idol shocker! He changed it up from his normal performances, had fun, sang flawlessly, and it definitely paid off. Scotty is the only country singer in this competition. In seasons past there usually is only one country singer in the competition, and they usually make it pretty far. Could this be because they have all the country music fan votes, while the other contestants have to share their votes with the rest of the public?? I think it’s a pretty good possibility.

What did you think of Pia’s exit off Idol??? Who do you think is next to go??? Who do you think will be this season’s American Idol???


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