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Idol Takes On The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Hits

Posted on: April 8, 2011


     Last night on American Idol the contestants performed songs from the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Overall, there was not one person who had a bad performance, but no one really blew me away.

Jacob Lusk kicked the night off with Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror”. It was an okay performance overall. He’s been very consistent in his performances, even if that does mean over dramatized facial expressions and dance moves. There’s something about him that bothers me. Where as most of the contestants need to kick it up a notch, I think Jacob needs to tone down his performances a little.

Haley Reinhart did a great rendition of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart”. This song fits perfectly for her soulful, bluesy voice, and the judges agreed. I for one am glad that she finally looks and feels comfortable on that stage!

Lauren Alaina sang Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman”. It was good and she is definitely improving as the weeks go on, but I just couldn’t put Kelly Clarkson’s performance of that same song on the Idol stage out of my mind. It doesn’t nearly compare!

Stefano Langone I think it might be the end of the road for you. Although, this week’s performance of “When A Man Loves A Woman” was one of his best ones, it wasn’t good enough. As cute as Stefano is he’s kind of boring and does the same thing every week. Yawn!

James Durbin has been one of my favorites since the beginning and I really hope he wins the whole thing in the end. Last night he took a risk, but one that paid off well. I think he shocked America, as well as the judges by picking a slow song on a rock night. We are so used to seeing him sing these fast-paced rock songs, that it was a nice change to see something different! It shows his diversity as an artist.

Casey Abrams was back with his bass in hand and I loved it! Its so nice to see someone who can not only sing, but who is a true musician.

Pia Toscano FINALLY stepped away from the ballads and sang Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High”. There is no denying her unbelievable voice, but overall she’s kind of boring. I think she will go pretty far, but if she wants to win the title she has to bring some life into her performances!

Paul McDonald’s Johnny Cash cover was the way to end the show! His energy and enthusiasm gave his performance something that we’ve never seen from Paul before. And of course it never hurts to see a guy with a guitar!

Scotty McCreery was my personal favorite of the night. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always liked Scotty, but didn’t think he had a place in this competition. Last night he proved me wrong. His performance of “That’s All Right Mama” was so fun and just left me smiling from ear to ear! He broke out of his usual deep country voice and just danced around the stage and had fun! Definitely the winner of the evening!

After a night of great performances I think it will be Stefano going home tonight. What do you think???


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