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Singing Doctors?

Posted on: April 6, 2011

 Singing doctors? I was waiting for someone to pop up and scream “April Fools!” But no, it was just last nights awkward musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Last week’s episode left us on the edge of our seats as a pregnant Callie (played by Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) get into a bad car accident. This week’s episode focused solely on saving the lives of Callie and her unborn baby.

     When I first heard that Grey’s Anatomy was doing a musical episode I thought “oh god, what are they doing?” After watching it I was left feeling like I’m not sure what I was just watching for the past hour. I understand they were trying to do something different, but I just don’t think a musical episode was the right way to go. Greys’ music is what makes the show, combined with the great acting. Taking the actors and having them sing the music? Not a great idea in my opinion.

     Musicals work for TV shows like Glee, Broadway shows, and even some movie musicals. This is because its what these shows are all about! Taking a show like Grey’s Anatomy, that has been on the air for so long and has had so much success, and just changing its format like that made the show awkward, weird, and almost uncomfortable to watch. These actors (with the exception of Sara Ramirez) are not singers, they’re actors! The emotional reactions they were trying to get out of the viewers would have been greater if they just stuck to the normal acting format.

     I do have to say, despite the awkwardness of the random breaking out in song by not so great singers, Sara Ramirez stole the show! Having won the Tony Award in 2005 for Featured Actress in a Musical for her role as The Lady of The Lake in Spamalot, we all know that Sara can sing. Her performance of “The Story” at the end of the episode almost redeemed the show for me. The emotional response from this performance is what I would have hoped for the whole hour episode.  

     All in all I would say this wasn’t the direction the show should have went. Definitely took a risk, but not a good one! What did you think of the Greys Anatomy musical???


Checkout the only part of the show worth watching:


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