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Kanye’s Gone Classical?

Posted on: April 6, 2011

 In a previous post I wrote people’s ignorances towards different types of music- the general public’s ignorance for classical music and the music educators’ (and classical music lovers) ignorance towards today’s popular music. Well, I recently came across a music group that can bridge the gap between the two musical genres. Aston is a classical music group from Australia. The catch? They don’t play what we would generally consider classical music. Instead they take today’s pop hits, such as Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and re-arrange them in a classical form. Genuis, right? I think so!

     Aston is made up 23 and 24 year olds, Eliza and Michael on the violin, Hanna on the cello, Will on the guitar, Ella on the piano, and Daniel on percussion. The six of them attended the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney and all held similar views on wanting to stray from the traditional path of classical music at that school. Just two weeks after their recording of Telephone was put up on YouTube they had 700,000 views online. The video then went along to become the most viewed Australian music video of the year. In the United States they were made popular by Perez Hilton, who blogs about them everytime a new song is put up on YouTube (hey, thats how I found out about them). They were then signed by Warner Music Australia and recorded a debut album.

     I cannot stop listening to Aston’s music. Being a huge lover of contemporary music, I love hearing what the group has done to these songs. The emotion and drama conveyed through these instruments gives just as much, if not more, meaning to the songs as their originals. Young people who push classical music in the other direction would love this music and maybe open up their eyes to a new genre of music that they would not normally listen to. This music also gives older people who have never heard these songs or who view today’s contemporary hits as “garbage” a new perspective into today’s popular music. Who knows? Maybe “Classical Pop” will become a new big thing and change people’s perspectives on both genres of music. I think it could and I sure hope it does! And Aston, come over to the US please!


Check out Aston on their websites:





Also checkout some of my favories below (it’s so hard to pick one, all of their music is awesome!):





2 Responses to "Kanye’s Gone Classical?"

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