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Is It Too Late To Apologize?

Posted on: April 6, 2011

     How many times have you found yourself saying My mother always told me…? I’ll admit I’ve thought it a couple of times and today I find myself thinking it again. While this topic may not be something of great status…my mother always told me that Bravo’s Andy Cohen was an extremely annoying person to watch and she never understood how I could sit there watching him week after week. Up until two weeks ago I found Andy Cohen to be entertaining and full of witty comments, but after his remarks about PS 22’s performance at the Oscars my feelings have changed.

    At this year’s Oscars, Staten Island’s PS 22 Chorus sang Over the Rainbow. I thought their performance was great! On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, Andy Cohen responded to this performance as follows:

“There was a thing called Up With People in the ’70s or ’80s. Oscar night is not about Up With People. Like, I don’t need to see that. It was just bad. It was just awful. It was horrible. A public school chorus singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow? I literally- if I wasn’t going to go out to some parties, I would have slit them right then. It was the worst. I was looking for a knife to stick in my eyes. It was so terrible. Not the time. Everything has its time and place; the end of the Oscars? We don’t want to see this. You just ruined everything.”

     Andy, you said it yourself- Everything has its time and place. There is absolutely NO time or place for the comments you have made. They sounded good for a chorus of 5th graders. No, they didn’t have a complex choral arrangement, but they are ten years old! In their performance you can see how much fun they are having and you can see the enjoyment on their faces and at ten years old that’s what matters. I think the Oscars was a perfect place for this performance. For a night that is so serious in the minds of all the actors, actresses, writers, directors, etc., this was a perfect way to end the night on a fun note.

   Most of all I love the nationwide exposure of a public school chorus. Its so important for everyone to see the things being done with public school arts programs. This performance was just another reminder that these programs shouldn’t be cut!

     Andy Cohen did publically apologize for the comments that he made and he also sent a letter to the Chorus’ director, Gregg Breinberg. Yesterday Mr. B uploaded a video onto YouTube of a discussion he had with his chorus about Andy Cohen, his comments, and his apology. This video just shows again what great things can occur in public school arts programs. He really got his students thinking about their feelings on the situation and whether or not his apology should be accepted.

     I for one LOVE the things that Mr. B is doing with his chorus and always look forward to catching new performances of theirs pop up on YouTube. Andy Cohen, think before you speak! You’re a person in the public eye and talking about ten year olds in the way you did is not something to joke about. And last, but certainly not least FIGHT TO KEEP THE ARTS IN SCHOOLS!

Take a look at PS 22’s Performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the 83rd Academy Awards:


The video of the chorus discussing Andy Cohen’s apology and performance of “Apologize” has been removed from YouTube.




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