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Does Yankee Stadium Have Another Hit Song On Their Hands?

Posted on: April 6, 2011

     I love days when I get to write about the two things I love most: music and the Yankees (and I never get to combine the two). For all of us New-Yorkers (more specifically Yankees fans), there are those few songs that we know we will be hearing when we’re at the stadium to catch a game. Those songs don’t only become staples in the stadium, but anthems of the state of New York. The most recent song to take that title would be Jay-Z & Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind”. And of course when that game ends and the Yankees win Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” is always blared through the speakers.

     This morning on my drive to work I heard a new B.o.B ft. Bobby Ray song, a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”. Could this be this year’s new “New York anthem”? It’s hard to say. This version is very different from Frank Sinatra’s version (minus the chorus). The rapping added to this song is all about crumbling buildings, destruction, and being under attack. It’s very fitting to be the theme of ‘Crysis 2’, a game set in New York City revolving around New York being under attack in the year 2023. I don’t think we’ll be hearing this song as much as “Empire State of Mind”. If anything maybe we’ll hear the chorus of this song being played in between innings, but I think people would rather hear a song praising New York, rather than the destruction of it (I know I would!)

     All in all this song is still great. B.o.B’s talent shines through with his lyrics and rapping. You can find this song on the trailer to ‘Crysis 2’, which came out on March 21, 2011.

     Looks like “Empire State of Mind” will still be continuously replayed in our heads for a little while longer! That’s okay, it’s a great song, but I wouldn’t mind a new New York anthem to hit the scene soon!

Take a listen to B.o.B’s remake of “New York, New York”


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